Movies: bloodstream-form tomography

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Cytoarchitecture of African trypanosomes

These movies provide the supplementary information for the paper Gadelha et al. (2009) PNAS 106:17425-17430.
Supplementary Movie 1
3D electron tomographic reconstruction of the anterior flagellar pocket region and surrounding organelles from a late M-phase bloodstream-form trypanosome. This reconstruction is derived from a 3 x 1 montaged, three-serial section tomogram yielding a total of 457 tomographic slices.
Supplementary Movie 2
3D electron tomographic reconstruction seen in Supplementary Movie 1 merged with the resultant 3D segmentation model (which can be seen in Supplementary Movie 3).
Supplementary Movie 3
A segmentation model of the organelles in close proximity to the flagellar pocket. The model was generated from an electron tomographic reconstruction of a bloodstream form African trypanosome cell. The boundaries of individual organelles have been traced so that their relationship can be investigated in 3-dimensions.